We Bear Insights

Discover your next business decision hiding in your data

Your Data is Telling You Something

Real time Dashboards

Data Extraction



Data storytelling

Utilize high-end KPI dashboards with email reports

Monitor metrics, KPIs, or simply anything using charts, funnels, Labels, maps and much more components delivering real-time dashboards in your office.

Bring them together

Track Data anywhere

Organize the datasources ETL so that no more unordered data falls in the cracks

Need an APP? no problem

Implement custom web applications

Deploy your own web application tailored specifically for your business needs. A custom web application can be your ambassador to all your services, whether CRM, Sales, KPI submissions, or Custom Workflow.

Do Automate

Implement your own automation

CRM and Sales bots are helpful but they manage one service at a time.
Deploy companywide workflow automation across all apps, and have all the dashboard say the REST.